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Let's make all jobs greener

Our mission is to ensure a more sustainable future by providing access to information and opportunities around green skills, jobs and careers. This is a platform anybody, from any sector or background, can use to understand the role they can play in greening the economy.

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To get to a future where we’re living and working sustainably, we believe that every single job needs to be greener. Browse the site to find out what role you can play.

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Defining a green career

A green career is a job, or series of jobs, across an occupational life that contribute to improving the natural environment and addressing climate change.

We have already seen the creation of new roles, in areas that didn’t previously exist.

In the UK, up to 480,000 green jobs will be created and supported by 2030.

We will see new roles develop, with the emergence of the green economy and clean technologies.

Many roles will require enhanced green skills.

Key terms

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Green Skills

An umbrella term for the knowledge, behaviours, capabilities and technical skills required to tackle the environmental challenges we face and to unlock new opportunities for growth.

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Green Jobs

Employment in an activity that contributes to protecting or restoring the environment, including those that mitigate or adapt to climate change.

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Green Economy

A potential future state of the whole UK economy, in which fundamental changes in the way the economy functions have taken place. Growth will continue to be the essential motif of our economy, but its measurement will be more holistic, more consistently factoring in people and planet, alongside profit.

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